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One of the biggest ironies I’ve come across so far would be the fact that Japan is struggling with its slow population growth that stems from the misgivings of its uber hardworking citizens. They work so hard to the extent that they almost don’t welcome marriage and sex.

How is this ironic? Well, they definitely have a lot of porn networks that play big in the global arena of nudity and prurience. Most recently, the adult video industry just announced the rise of another Japanese porn site. Simple as the name may seem, the impact is quite stunning. I’m talking about All Japanese Pass here.


If you are looking for hardcore pornography that never fades away with the acidic flow of time, then All Japanese Pass is one hell of a deal that you can never turn down because of its magnificence in showing the artistic deliverance of Japanese in terms of sex and magic. Here, you will see that despite the fact that they tend to be on the more reserved side of things when it comes to adult life and all that, they really are capable of pulling off wonderful porn art and that they present really great potential in making the world a much better place to live should they make themselves more open to creating intimate relationships. 

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All Japanese Pass is a massive porn site that holds over 21,380 full movies clips that range from 3 minutes to 45 minutes worth of run time per material. There are also picture sets that contain images that would blow your mind. And penis. And while the videos can be played in HD, select videos that is, you can also download any material you want for as long as you are subscribed. So if you’re thinking about spending $30 for sexiness a month, subscribing to this site will definitely make your money’s worth.