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Dancing Bear is an adult entertainment website which features women at bachelorette parties, and birthdays who are involved in a number of sexy situations. Scenes normally involve a male stripper who is dressed in a bear costume, which is where the name of the website is derived from.


Dancing Bear has a whole host of online content to choose from, and contains a contemporary design, with a number of navigation tools to get you to various pages on the site. There is an effective search function, enabling you to find your favorite videos, and all new videos are clearly listed on the main landing page, with a brief description of the content and thumbnail previews.

The website is frequently updated, with new videos every month, each of which has a good quality of video playback. Not only is there the occasional dancing bear discount but there are also over 100 videos to choose from, and video content can be downloaded to your computer, or streamed using an in-built Flash player. You can even download content to your mobile tablet or cell phone, great for when you want to watch a video when you are away from home, such as when you are on vacation. Several videos are available in high definition, and the scenes last for a long time, sometimes even up to two hours. Each video contains a cast of up to 20 different women, and the website’s database is ever-increasing.

Dancing Bear can be contacted if you have a technical query or would like to know more about how to make the most out of Dancing Bear’s website. In order to register for a new account, new members will need to enter some details about yourself such as a username and email address, before clicking on a link which has been sent directly to their email inbox. Once members have clicked on this link in the email, the registration process will be complete and they will be free to enjoy the videos on Dancing Bear. If you enjoy high quality videos featuring a large group of women, Dancing Bear provides some of the most unique pornographic content on the web.