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Digital Desire (like so many others) uses the sex appeal of legal young 18 year olds to create wonderful erotic material. There is a huge difference and this difference comes from the fact that this is a website run by JS Hicks. This is a world-renowned photographer with a great linage of experience. He has worked for Penthouse/Playboy, and he has fans. But that’s not so important as compared to the material they have. They started in the year 1997, now we are reviewing what they have.


The website continues to make daily updates of material. The videos are in amazing clarity but the photography is a more superior commodity that these guys make. They have over a thousand videos inside and a listing of well over 3000 picture galleries. The action is arranged neatly and thus gives you the professional design. The presentation is also eye-catching, And the models are floating in there with charm and sexuality thereby creating a thick cloud of arousal that you will be engulfed in. You will find they have girlfriends, toy action, girlfriends, and other different forms of style, which is what they call the different genres that they make. The content is easy to discover and watch and they have made the effort to give information on everything. You will be able to track your favorite action, and choose when you want to stream the content which is high definition.

The standard of video quality comes in 360p formats to 720 and 1080p. There are different download options obviously to cover the different needs of the members. You are not told when to stop downloading the movies for they have not restricted access in any way. You get extraordinary looking pictures once you get inside. They have 3000 pixel resolution jpeg galleries with zip file available for quick downloading. There are some difficulties you will face with the older videos and jpeg content they have. They are in lower quality resolution, lower sizes, and you get many amateur new faces from the site. The ladies can be described as young fit, small framed, with shaved or hairy pussy. The faces display a wide array of beauty. There are familiar faces, for this site likes mixing the new and the old.

The Digital Desire gals are easily influenced into showing their naked soft bodies, they are also given time to be on their own in solo action, stripping, posing, light masturbation. It is also not surprising to find JS Hicks directing the photography session to include 2 beautiful ladies and bring great pussy shots and stunning erotica. There is the models page, which would look much more engaging if they had included more information about the babes.

The blog contains commentary and descriptive information as well as being a place for members to interact. It is obvious that JS Hicks goes after other famous upcoming and professional photographers to shoot content for his site. He always has the final say so the content inside has uniformity and the theme that he wants to show you!