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Digital Playground Discount

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Digital Playground is a paysite we visited a while back, and now have the pleasurable opportunity to visit them again. First time inside, we identified that the collection they have will increase to include a couple of hundred DVD movies soon as they got more hairs on their chest, so to speak! We were right and they definitely have lots of content now, not to mention the marvellous production and performances by the many pornstars also. You have to pay to enter the member’s area so we hurriedly paid and entered, saw the following things.


The performers inside have been adorned with countless nominations and awards because of the great performances over the years. You will find many popular gals and stars inside. There are also the famous hardcore porn series and DVDs that this company has made over the years. They have content showing anal, threesomes, and many different hardcore genres inside. The locations…different, the directors/photographers…different! This mixes up things but quality is a standard that they all adhere to inside this site.

You get to try some two thousand nine hundred-plus pictures they have, see which makes you horny. You also have access to their 489+ DVD movies. These movies (over two and half hours of playtime) will offer you over 1222.5 hours of porno you will not forget! It’s a lot of porn. To move about you of course need the proper tools. The options like searching for content according to performer, series, model, or keywords, are inside. Similar material is linked. They have over 800 models inside. Scenes do contain information and the models do get their bios and information displayed nicely. Zipping pics and saving them is something you can do inside. Naturally being a true professional these guys have avoided all the potholes others have with poor navigational setup.

Minor inconveniences inside you can live with, meaning you can stomach them mostly and still find all the good things waiting for you inside. You will be streaming all the time you are inside this site because that is the only option given. Advertisements inside can distract, most don’t get sidetracked because the pull of the hardcore DVD material inside is too strong, too alive, that people just don’t worry about anything else. If you want the truth, we are sad that the no downloading option is still in there. We had hoped that maybe second time round they would offer more options, but we have come to a conclusion.

We still find Digital Playground among the best in the business. They still get our top ranking position and we still recommend you check them out! That is our whole truth!