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Inside the paysite Fake Taxi, you are going to find a beautiful gal, a car, and a person claiming to be a taxi driver. You are also going to find various different kinds of situations that lead to the gal’s cab-fare being paid by hot sex. Basically, the gals are given the lifts they were looking for but they then have to satisfy the cocks of the drivers who do not want simple money for their troubles. All that time the taxi dude is chauffeuring this twat across the streets, he is thinking of her hot pussy and his hard dick. The question is can he make these two meet and get to give us pleasurable hardcore moments? Only when you get inside can this question be answered.


The way the camera films is using different angles, voyeur technique, POV, closeup, and all that. It’s just any good angle that shows the naked gals sucking or riding hard taxi cocks. Your focus should not be on the road, it should be firmly rooted in seeing how many cumshots per hour can be delivered by the fast pace pounding of this very excited taxi guy. The impression we get from the way they have styled up their members area is that they are not particularly too concerned about ostentatious designs that other glamour sites use.

They do have adverts for other sites, and the membership pass deal given doesn’t cover you with bonus content from bonus sites. If they intend on keeping members happy they had better bring in more material raising this number to hundreds and thousands. Anyway, let’s find out a bit more! The videos they have will have short paragraphs explaining things like the gals name, the situation that lead to such nasty cock sexing for the gals and what not. There are flv, mov, mp4 files given and available.

Along with that, members will get to enjoy some 480p, 720p, and 1080p formats for the movies. And they have produced around 105 movies to date, maybe a bit more since they promise to keep updating. You can utilize the tabs, menus they have to poke about and see what more they have. You search for models, and they sure do have many links to other “fake” themed pornsites inside.

The filming takes place in the back of the taxi, and sometimes you get to have two ladies getting in and being talked into salacious backseat taxi fucking. Movies tend to be thirty minutes long, some talk is had, but it’s the fucking that really rocks all your bells. Some people may struggle judging this pornsite, but we don’t find any conflicts within us. We have a clear feeling about these guys, we like what they are doing. The quality is beyond good, but they have some minor things to solve here and there. Fake Taxi has fantasy taxi reality porn that is creative and very much watchable/enjoyable.