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Hegre Art is Petter Hegre baby and this baby has bloomed into one heck of quality site. The site has been around from 2002 and they have tried to be active all these years.


The erotic material that Petter is best known for can be called “nude art high quality photography”. He does sometimes meander out of the beaten path and bring gal-gal action or erotic massages. Let’s see what Petter has been up to lately shall we!

Hegre Art when it first stared was all about quality erotica softcore. This has never, and probably will never change. The content inside does have a lot of glamour in it. The models that Petter goes after come from various parts of the world! We mean literally everywhere in the freaking world, this dude likes to travel and has an eye for the finer females of this world! He has always displayed intimate knowledge of how to make artistic spectacular action and that is what is on this site. There are 3000 plus picture galleries inside to get you started on this glamour filled erotic safari. You will find 200 models and hundreds of videos as well.

Many long running sites suffer from performance issue. You get some sites that just don’t move with the times. This is definitely not one of those sites. There are ultra high definition videos and super glossy high res image galleries that will fill your screen with brilliance. Who do you know that can give you 9900 by 7100 pixel resolution pictures, huh? That is the resolution you will find inside this site. The new videos are all 1080p full HD compliant! Perfect, flashy, softcore erotica just the way real professionals do it! To go along with the impressive babes, impressive production, and the impressive creator (Petter), you also get impressive design and navigational features. There are archives inside that can be easily sorted. There are section dedicated to videos, massages, travel, pics, models, and you have a model index as well. Ratings, views, comments, names, origin, niche tags, these are all filters you will be able to use to locate the material you want.

If its information that you seek, its information that you will get. There is info about the travels and fun that Petter has had over the years, update info, date stamps on the updates, feedback and comments. It’s just a very vibrant site where people like talking to each other and like looking at Petter’s material all day long!

Hegre Art is like the most refined thing you will be inserting into your pallet for a long time! It’s just top notch, top photography, top babes, and worthy of any softcore glamour awards out there in the market! They receive our stamp of approval! If this is your favorite niche, please do check these guys out!