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I Know That Girl is not a simple saying but the name of a porn site. These guys claim to have that good “100 percent girlfriend action” with an amateur feel to it. They say that the gals have their sexual adventures caught on tape and that they are now offering this material to you.

They say that the ex-boyfies are the ones who submit the material. They say a lot of things, but the only question is whether what they say matches up to what they do. 

The ex boyfriends submit the sexual material of the girlfriends all so that they can get some cash rewards. The scandalous nature of the way the material is obtained only makes the material that much sweeter, that is what we feel.


Some people will say that the material inside this site is amateur yes, but it’s done by pornstars and that the girlfriends are not real. There is a lot of evidence to support this theory. And even if you are totally disappointed that it isn’t real girlfriends, at least they have lots of material that’s something right? 

Inside this site’s gallery, there are 234+ videos and 234+ image gallery. The site looks to be growing steadily every week since they update on a weekly basis. There are various formats for the videos including wmv and mp4 plus the high definition quality of the videos.

Mobile devices also have their day inside this site since there are compatible formats. The flv formats for streaming is good. 

One thing we can say about these guys is that they do their best to make the material inside believable. The performers do their best to look like couples. The style of shooting is made in a way to look like homemade porn.

The sad part is that you will see famous stars inside and this will make you not believe the “100 percent real GFs” claims of the site. You still will like this site once you discover that there are bonuses to becoming a member. 

First, you will receive the MOFOS network, which means 13 more sites. This will give you more material. There are things you can do inside like saving favorites and navigating the site without encountering heavy problems.

They may not have undisputed real girlfriend action, but they still have material you can enjoy. I Know That Girl is growing and is not a bad site to belong to.