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Mr Skin is a website that was created to serve up the celebrities (known and forgotten) in all their nude sex scenes, shoots, magazine covers, tabloids and wherever else they can be found! What year did this online collection first make its appearance? The year of 1999. The celebs have always been chasing the camera spotlight so that they can raise their fame for many years.


Basically, since the term was coined, celebrities have been known to be notorious for doing stuff us normal people can in no way achieve. They have been known to take part in naked video shoots, and this is in film and in print media. Therefore, this website definitely has a mountain of content that they can share.

In the last ten plus years, the number of shows and movies and print that has celebrities naked, semi naked, lingerie, swimsuits, sexy modeling and nipple slips and whatnot has increased rapidly. And there have been many celeb websites popping up but with faked content. This superior website doesn’t fake nothing, and is bigger than most when it comes to content. They lay down for you to pick up hundreds of thousands of celebrity clips and movies. There has been so much done by celebs that this place doesn’t seem to ever going to be in jeopardy of not having content to show. There are groupings and lists made for so many different types of categories.

The webmaster here knows how to keep changing up the list so that they are fresh and interesting. Plus the fact that there are so many celebs and things to be seen all across the board, well it’s easy to create such diverse lists. You’ll like them. The celebs and actresses also include the not so famous ones who fell by the way side. These babes could have been your favorite, but they never got that high up in their careers. This website covers many celebs. Your experience inside this website is understandably smooth. They have placed most of the functional search\sort features in your path so you don’t struggle at all. You find more time is saved for watching films when a website design is marvelous, organized, beautiful, and useful. This is what you get here.

The truth is that quality remains a bit of an issue with this collection. The collection has everything from small picture sizes to small video clips with SD resolution, 240p, and 420p. Then there is the other side of the bridge where its high res imagery at 720p high definition or full screen HD. It’s because content comes from source material, and these sources prove challenging when it comes to quality. Anyway, there is so much good quality content here that you’ll forgive and forget this issue. You go and join Mr Skin today!