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What is it about lesbian porn that we just love so much? No matter what it is there is no doubt that watching two hot women get it on with one another is extremely popular and We Live Together is a website that is dedicated to the genre that is lesbian sex.

Is It Just The Same As Others?

The first thing that comes into your head when you discover a website that focuses on lesbian porn is how it is different to all of the others that are out there. Well, this site does indeed manage to be different because in every scene the two girls that live together get a third girl back for some hot fucking. Yep, every scene is a sexy threesome and how wonderful is that?


This site does indeed have the most amazing models you will ever see and they really do have the most perfect bodies ever. I love the fact that so many of them just look that innocent in whatever they are doing. However, that innocence is lost when you see them fucking each other the way they do.

Crisp And Clear

This site has over 500 scenes to check out as well as the same number of zipped photo sets. However, I was impressed by the quality of the content as it was always very crisp and clear, so they clearly took their time when producing it rather than just throwing anything together. It just helps it all to seem more real when the actual content is just so good.

Wait There Is More

So what you have here is a site dedicated to some of the hottest women having lesbian sex that you will ever see. Now, that sounds good, but the best part is that you will also get access to another 42 sites that make up the Reality Kings network. That means you get websites such as First Time Auditions, and MILF Next Door, so there will always be something that you will enjoy.

We Live Together is just one of those websites that you know will do well due to the quality of the content that they have on there. Yes it is part of a massive network and that does help, but when it comes to this website they should be very proud of what they have achieved.