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It comes to a point in time when everything you do gets so boring. Even love is not an exception to this kind of eventuality. While couples may truly love each other, they become a victim of the tedium and just because things sometimes lose their luster, they decide to part ways only to realize later that they still love each other. What I live to believe now is that if people will only take nothing less than the extremes, the boat will continue to float. To prove to y’all that this method works, let’s do a quick across the premises of Wicked Pictures.


My folks revile pornography because they think it’s a cruel depiction of the lustful thing that sex is. I would always beg to differ to them. You see, there is art in everything and sometimes, what people do not understand is that even pain has its profound share of artfulness. In this porn site, we get to know how BDSMs really work. If you have watched the 50 Shades movie, you would be able to have an idea what it is all about. But certainly, the idea of a submissive and a dominant really piques my interest. The manifestations of this twisted kind of relationship can be seen through the videos of this site. Alas the name of it! Just as the nature of the relationship is already twisted, every episode is so full of plot twists. Certainly, what makes this site much better than its competing sites would be its wonderful story-telling. Something truly rare in this part of the entertainment industry.

Wicked is home to the finest BDSM videos. What you can find in the site can be found nowhere and no other place can ever match to the kind of materials that they produce. You have to take my word for it because I have been voyeuring the world for so long a time now and I know my kind of porn and they are usually above the standards. This one tends to be the best with its arsenal of 900 plus videos, going from 20 to 40 minutes each per episode. There are different series that can be enjoyed for the unique taste of all viewers. There should be a BDMS series that would break all of your reservations, allowing you to fully embrace the real essence of the wicked world to be had by indulging to sensuality. Bonus features would include the 1000 plus photo galleries from the various series in the site, weeklies, and monthly updates.

Additionally, all the videos in Wicked Pictures are played in HD. Wonderful story telling, beautiful cast with a twisted way of delivering themselves in an oddly remarkable way, I don’t see why you should not give your money a run for it.